The Transs-formers

Our multicultural team keeps the customers at the centre of all effort. We should celebrate customer heterogeneity by using the customer lifetime value (CLV) to drive acquisition strategies and tactics. For us Customer centricity requires that a company be willing and able to change its organizational design, performance metrics, and employee and distributor structures to focus on this long-term creation and delivery process. We are always looking for ways to help our customers grow faster, streamline their operations, digitize their business, and expand globally.

Wave Cogoport

The Transs-Culture

At Transs, we have found strength in our diversity, imbued by our culture of mutual respect, empathy, and adhering to the highest ethical standards. Humility, Integrity, Passion & Innovation together form Transs. We encourage our employees to personify these ideologies, as they form the cornerstone of everything we create and value as an organisation. Our values form the core of our culture and steer us towards our vision.


At Transs, we want to make our mark on the technology that moves the world goods and commodity? To be a part of a revolution that’s driving a more sustainable and agile future of global trade. Join a flexible, diverse family that offers everything you need to solve complex, real-world problems

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